Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That's Just Life

I think the hardest thing for the indie musician is simply enduring. As a full time musician with Gravity Kills, I had personal times that were tough but as the band got bigger, it was my job to be at the studio and to be creative. People have asked me what I miss the most about my personal experience in Gravity Kills and I tell them that I miss having the opportunity to be creative and think about music 24 hours a day. Even when times were tough, since it was my job to be creative, I could find solace at the studio and focus. Focusing on music became an escape for me because I had the energy and more than that, the time to focus. As many of you out there, I have to deal with life differently now. I get up in the morning and go to my office and put my agent hat on. I do love what I do but it is not my end all be all passion. You can relate I am sure. I work all day, come home, deal with other things and then attempt to sit down and focus on creating new Gravity material. Some nights are good and some are not so good. The difference for me now is that I need to be extremely focused in shorter amounts of time. Life is not great for me at the moment and that magnifies both my need for music as well as eating an enormous amount of emotional energy that consumes even more of my time. I have had brief moment of brilliance lately but simply want more time. Like anything else that you do, the more you can expose yourself to being creative in a place where you can be constructively creative, the better your results will be. I will endure, just give me time.


  1. Jeff,
    The important thing is that you do things for yourself. Take care of you first. Take all the time you need. Only you will know how much time/space that is. We have stayed in your corner for all these years, you need not worry that we are going anywhere. We are here. The creativity will flow in it's own time.

  2. I'm in the same boat as you, Jeff. I dig my office job but would much rather be doing something much more creative, interesting, and meaningful with my time. But like you said...That's just life.

    I know things will get easier for you. And you will most certainly endure. In the meantime, keep pushing. I'll be doing the same.

    Best wishes like always,

  3. Thanks to Kay and Gina for the encouragement.


  4. Hey Jeff!

    Don't worry and take your time!
    It's so fucking hard to be creative these days.
    There's simply not enough time.
    Not enough time to sit down and think about this shit. Have faith! Everything will be ok!

    All the best,