Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And Where Were You?

A couple weeks ago I was in Tulsa and went to a local music showcase at Cain's Ballroom that was sponsored by KMYZ The Edge. They featured 4 local bands one of which was getting some attention outside of Tulsa. The turnout was a bit less than I had hoped for but the room looked ok. I spent the evening in the VIP section up in the back balcony-like space at Cain's and had a really good view of what was happening on the floor. As the night wore on, I kept looking for people I knew in bands not playing the showcase in hopes of seeing some local unity, solidarity and support for the local scene. How many band members not playing the event do you think I recognized? Sadly, there was only one person that I saw in the crowd from a band not playing that night. I will mention him because he was the one guy that actually "gets it." Paul Cristiano, the bass player from the band Radio Radio, is the winner of the "I GET IT" award for the evening. Where is the sense of community? Where is the drive among the Tulsa band community to unite and help create a real scene? Once again, all you fucking wannabe's that bitch, piss and moan about the lack support for local music in Tulsa decided to sit this one out. Is it that you were pissed that you weren't selected for the show and your absence was a silent protest? Were you pissed that the radio station doesn't play your music? Were you pissed off at one of the other bands on the bill and thought that showing up would make them look better? Well, you fucking missed an opportunity to mingle with 300 people that support local music and the chance to gain a fan or two that obviously does support the local scene. In fact, they support it more than you do. They paid for the ticket, spent gas money to get downtown and at least showed up. Meanwhile, you were sitting on your couch, or on a bar stool, or at a movie, or hanging with your friends consciously or unconsciously excluding yourself from something that you should be a part of. Once again I will say that LOCAL MUSIC SCENES MUST START WITH THE BANDS! Maybe some of you will never understand this. You have been conditioned to be competitive. You have been conditioned to hate on and talk shit about the other band's in town. You have been conditioned by the old paradigm to exclude yourself from the fan experience as a band. If you really want what you say you want then you better own up to the fact that you cannot do this by yourself. You need the other bands in the market to be a part of what you want. They need you as well. If you are in a band and were at the event, I applaud you. If you weren't, you are part of the problem, not the solution. Hope the movie was good.


  1. Well put Jeff. Our agency didn't book any of the bands that performed that night but all of us felt the need to be there to support the bands and especially Z104 for providing a worthy venue and event for original music. We've wanted to see and hear Fiawna Forte on a decent stage and sound system for a long time and her performance shows what that can do for an act that can deliver.

  2. Any band that was there that I didn't see, I am sorry. The blog was not intended for you. On second thought, maybe it was. Positive reinforcement.

  3. LOVE THIS because it's TRUE! Most of my friends in bands don't participate in the scene (as in go to other local shows) and I think they do it out of spite...Which is pointless because like you said, it hurts everybody.

    They're also the same guys that'll play a show and leave immediately after. It doesn't matter if there are 1 or 10 bands left...Once they do their thing, they leave. And then then wonder why they're not popular. Uhhhh hello?! So frustrating.

    I GET IT,

  4. Jeff, I got to say, this hits home. I am in a band.... but I rarely hit the scene to support the other locals due to whatever reason (woman, kids, other stuff). Every once in a while, yeah, I'm out there, I never ask for a free way in, spend a bunch of money at the bar because I know that's how the bands in the area get paid here in Milwaukee. But you're right. If you want to be seen in the scene, you have to be out there even if you're not playing.

    thanks for opening the eyes, sir.