Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Hype

We are constantly bombarded by the new, the improved, the better and the unbelievable. Traditional media and social media are places that throw more at us on a daily basis than we can possibly process. Like many of you, I have grown to be desensitized from the constant hype that is pushed in my face like the close talker at a party that you can't seem to shake. With that said, I am still a believer in the fact that I will find new things that excite me, push my buttons, turn me on or challenge me. I still fall prey to the internal hype that I create in my head of higher expectations of the things that are close to me. What the fuck does this have to do with your band you ask? Well, as I see it, if you shut yourself down to believing there is something better for you to create, a better song for you write or a better performance you can pull off at a gig or in the studio, then why create anything in the first place? Why push yourself to become more proficient at your instrument if you don't believe that you will actually get better at communicating with it? Maybe there is something out there that is actually as good if not better than all the hype that surrounds it. Maybe you can actually build up something in your own head and not be disappointed when you get to the point of execution. Do you get the connection? I am not saying that we should believe everything we hear and see to the point of naivete` but what I am saying is that I see a connection between shutting yourself down to the exterior world and that possibly having the same effect in the way you see your own experiences and creativity. Is there a way that we can re-sensitize ourselves to our surroundings that will make us better artists? Maybe you can actually build something up in your head and it exceeds your expectations. I know this can happen. I just lived it.

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