Thursday, January 27, 2011

Preparing for Success

I have some good friends in a band in Iowa that recently got some radio airplay on their local market alternative radio station. It came out of nowhere and they really didn't expect it. Maybe they should have. When I found out about it from a facebook post, after I congratulated them, my first question was "Did you shoot a video?" Their answer unfortunately was "No." What makes this frustrating is that there may be opportunity for this band to possibly take a step up the ladder and they have nothing to compliment what is going on. They are scrambling now to catch up with their new found momentum. How could this have been done differently? How often do you think things like this happen where the band has no plan and therefore cannot possibly have any execution? Do you think new businesses pop up without having an actual contingency plan for success? You all spend hours playing your instruments. You spend hours rehearsing. You spend hours writing, arranging, recording, producing, get the fucking idea. Where is THE PLAN? Let me rephrase. GET A FUCKING PLAN! I asked about a video because I have countless friends that go straight to youtube when I turn them on to a new band. How can you achieve your vision of success if you never fucking plan for it? What happens if a door opens and you lack the preparation and the plan to walk through it? I want each and every one of you to look at the way you approach what you do from the standpoint of preparation and strategy. Pretend for one fucking minute that what you envision for your band might just actually happen. Look, I know that a couple of you guys from the band read this. I say all this with the utmost respect and hope nothing but success for you guys but...If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


The Sphinx

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  1. agreeed! great post... look forward to more. - Und Tschuss