Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gig Photos

Band after band puts up performance photos and videos on myspace, facebook, youtube etc.. This is great for those who did not make it to the gig. What about taking photos or video of the band with the people that came to the gig? These are the things that will most engage your fans. Your fans want to see themselves in photos as much as you do plus when you post these type of photos you will be assured that your fans will go to your pages and check them out. They will probably link to them or comment on them where others can find it and in the end drive more people to your media pages. This will show your fans that you actually care that they were at the gig and you know what might happen then? Your fans will really start caring about you and your success.


  1. Jeff you nailed it. I think thats one of the most important things to do as a musician/band now-a-days, create transparency & get on their level. The idea of esoteric rock stars fueled by major label hype and P&R has become such a giant turn off. I want to connect with people, give them something unique. Glad to see you feel the same!

  2. At the end of the day we have so much media thrown at us that unless it is personal to us we simply don't have time or use for it. Believe me, I am a product of the old paradigm and on the road, I did not always practice what I preach now in my blog. But, with that said, I did connect to people the best I could and when personally engaged with fans, I spent the time and made the investment. I think fans were conditioned for non-transparency back then. The internet and the content revolution has obviously changed all of that.

  3. I really like this entry, Jeff. As an amateur concert photographer/obsessive music fan, it always makes me real giddy when a band posts my pics on their Myspace/Facebook/Twitter/anywhere. It makes me feel like they like and appreciate my work. It also makes me feel appreciated as a fan.

    And yes...You really did engage with the fans in the past during a time when non-transparency was the norm and wasn't questioned. Damn was I shocked when you chatted with me and a small group of fans for an eternity after a show one night 8 yrs ago. It was unreal! Best of all, you spoke to everyone as an equal and not like a "smug rock star douche." That really stuck with me and it's really great to see that nothing has changed.

    Major love like usual,

  4. I can't wait to hear Gravity Kills live someday! Thank you!
    Bryan Carroll
    Oklahoma City, OK

  5. That's an awesome shot! When you guys hit the road to do a tour, I'm bringing the camera and the combat boots.

  6. @Jeff, great post. As a former TVT rep back in the day this post is nothing but the truth. Having those unforgettable moments with the band whether its a photo, a handshake, a hello, whatever... fueled my passion to go out and promote the heck out of the band. Doing the extra work like putting up posters in retail stores, putting up posters at concerts, getting email lists, handing out samplers, going to radio stations and speaking with the program director. Jeff you did an amazing job engaging with fans and made people feel very special. Kudos to you, Mike