Monday, June 7, 2010

Changing Behavior and Engaging Fans

I was sent a video of an experiment about making it fun or interesting to use the stairs versus taking the escalator. Watching the video made of think about the need for interesting engagement that bands need to have with their fans. Why should a person listen to your all? Is it even good? If so, what makes it stand apart from the others? What about your music will compel others to share it with their friends or compel them to simply mention your band to others? What about you as an artist makes you stand apart if not above others? Music to many is now nothing more than disposable and inherently worthless so how do you bring value to your music and your band? The music you make is the gateway if your music speaks and connects with people. Engage your fans constantly and they will listen. I know what you are saying right now. Gravity Kills has not always been accessible to fans and has not always had the best relationship with their fans. Well, ask those who have been to shows recently how that has changed. Technology for the music business has torn the barriers down but that has created a flood on the supply side. Music is everywhere, cheap and in most cases for free. What will you do to change the behavior of people and get their attention?


  1. I couldn't agree with you more Jeff. Is this day and age, where any form of media can be found, by anyone, for free if desired, the band needs to connect on a personal level so the consumer feels it their duty to help the band. Love the blog Jeff, keep it up!


  2. Jeff, that video is amazing and is a brilliant metaphor for what you're saying here.

  3. Greetings Jeff. Just wanted to toss an FYI at yah. Not sure if its browser specific, but ur Piano Stairs Vid is blockin a large portion of ur blog archive. I'm runnin .... lol Sorry.. "ADHD" :p Ok it is browser specific... lol Mozilla has the Vid oversized so it Overlaps that area, but IE is normal. Anyways.. HEADS UP YO!! lol Have a good 1, and... I appreciate u! :D

    D a n e

  4. Just to let ya know Asher I'm running Mozilla and it shows perfect. Check your plug-ins perhaps?

  5. as an artist i ask questions like those everyday
    what makes my art special? why would anyone want to notice it? in a business with so many that do the same thing it is easy to get lost in trying to get noticed. i would like to say that your music has been a great inspiration to me its given me many ideas for my art and still does, so i say thank you for that.
    and there was something else but i forgot so....

  6. Damn, I want one of those staircase pianos in my home. I could get some good excercise writing music, lol.