Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nostalgia and The Future

I got into St. Louis today for our show tomorrow. Driving into St. Louis always floods me with so many different emotions. With Gravity, it was the best time and the worst time of my life. Personally as well as with the band, I made so many mistakes along the way as well as having the time of my life with 3 other guys that are beyond family. Where am I going with this you ask? Doug and I sat on the roof of his studio facility and talked about a lot of things. In the old days of Gravity Kills, Doug and I had a very love/hate relationship. We shared some times that were both creatively and personally amazing as well as battling over things in the band. On the roof as we talked, I got more and more charged up with the fact that Gravity is compelled to be creative together again. You just know when something works. The fucked up thing about bands is that they all usually forget what brought them together in the first place. The magic that you felt in the studio working on the first recordings or playing the first live show as a band. Why must we all seemingly lose touch with the foundation of collaboration and shared experience the longer we work with someone? When Gravity plays live, Doug and I are the last two on stage. Doug and I will tell each other "let's achieve consciousness" right before we walk on stage. We do this to remind ourselves that every opportunity to walk on stage or work on music together is something special and we need to savor it. I tell you all this...If you feel your band or your project is special, embrace the process, the work, the rigor. Remember that a band is the sum of ALL of it's parts. I am more excited than ever to have new Gravity Kills material released into the world. I have been reminded today how special I feel about what we do. And, if I feel that way, maybe we can convince someone else to feel that way about new music. Rediscovering the past today has made me very excited about the future.

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