Friday, June 25, 2010

Your Live Show Is Not About You

A live show is to a band what a wedding reception is to a bride. The show is for your fans who are your family. Gravity is playing tonight and we are already getting requests ranging from fans who want to get  into soundcheck from those who want to have dinner. We will get them into soundcheck and I am pretty sure that having sushi with a few close fans for dinner will be awesome. For you bands out there. Show day is not about you and the band. Not a time to get extra security and hang backstage. You spend all this fucking time trying to contact people via social media and when the show day comes you are untouchable? The show day is about giving back to those that support you. We have fans that spend hundreds of dollars to come see us EVERY single time we play. Do you think any of those people would continue to be into the band if they had no access? I have already preached to you about the importance of your fan relationship. Show days are the time to put up or shut up. Gravity Kills fans are my family. Today, I will do my best to treat them like that. Uncle John, pass the wasabi please!


  1. You missed the wasabi, but the chicken was amazing!

  2. Yes-- sushi 0%--- but cholesterol 1000%! We all appreciate your committment and making us feel like family. You're the best!

  3. Jeff,

    it's refreshing to see musicians that care about their fans, considering the majority head straight from the bus to the back, do their show, and split without saying a word. I started listening to you guys when the Mortal Kombat soundtrack came out, and I've been a fan since. I don't even listen to industrial music anymore, but I'm still willing to go to these shows, because the music is good and you guys make the fans feel like lengthy and expensive trips are worth it. It was fantastic chatting with you after the show at the Old Rock House, and it was fun to see the sound check, Doug's studio, and Hodak's at this show. The drive from Michigan was miserable, but I'd do it again in a second.

    You mentioned having some fans' numbers and e-mails while we were all at Hodak's. You don't have mine, so here you go:

    - Greg