Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wonder Lust

Why is it that most local bands I talk to want to take their show on the road from the very beginning? Bands dream of foreign ports and exotic cites where fans they don't know will line up to see them play. What makes you think that 200 people will show up in Kansas City when you are not worth 50 people paid in your home market? I am not saying that your band will never be worth 200 tickets in another market but lets look at facts. Your home market is where the first line of fans you will have are family and friends. Sadly, bands mistake early surges of success with the simple fact that your friends and family will all come to the first couple shows. Your friends will tell you how great you are and how much you rock. Your family will come because your Sister, Brother, Mother, Father, Stepbrother etc. had to put up with all the noise and havoc you created in the house for years. Don't get me wrong, you have to start somewhere and if you are really good, your friends will turn others on to your band and insist that others pay attention to you. Where effort comes in is developing your second and REAL line of fans. The ones who just happened into the club you were playing on happenstance. The ones that feel like they discovered you. At that point you must attempt to create personal relationships with those fans. Invest time in those people so they become invested in you enough to be your evangelist and spread your gospel. Be patient. Be calculated. Invest the time to build your following in your home market and your perceived value will grow to clubs and bars in other markets. If you can draw 200 in your home market, now you have the leverage to trade shows with a band tearing it up in another city. Until that day comes, focus on creating your launching pad at home.

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  1. I think Wonder Lust is ingrained in every musicians mind, ha. It's hard to make yourself think on a local level sometimes but definately can't be overlooked!