Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting The Gig

Think in simplicity. How do I get the attention of a club I want to play? I have dropped off promo, emailed the link on the website and made unreturned phone calls to the person that books the room. Do you hang out in the room? Do you network with bands that play the room? Do you talk to patrons that go see bands in the rooms and give them your music to listen to? Are there outside agents that book the room? Have you made them take a meeting with you? Are you good? Are you persistent? Do you make excuses for your lack of opportunity? Do you talk shit about the bands that do get the gig to others? 

You have to immerse yourself into the culture of a room. You must make yourself and your band part of the positive collective that makes up the fabric of the room. If your band is REALLY good, you will get your shot.


  1. Hey Jeff,
    I've got some friends in a band in LA (Prohibition Rose) that has really taken off of late. They had a long rough start, but they're gaining traction and a good local following. My question is - what's your opinion of the "Pay to Play" format. They told me when they first got there that most of the clubs where people went to see bands were doing this, and I don't mean the club gets a cut of the door, I mean the band litterally pays to play there. Is this the norm in cities like LA, and if not - in your opinin - should bands persue these opportunities or go the longer, more tried and true route of getting in on word of mouth alone ?

  2. I will address that in a blog now.